Required (and Recommended) Software Tools

Definitely Required Tools

In order to develop the MnemOS Kernel or Userspace applications, you will DEFINITELY need the following tools installed:

  • The Rust Compiler (at least v1.59.0, though this may change in the future)
  • The thumbv7em-none-eabihf target, needed for compiling for the nRF52840
    • If you have rustup, this can be accomplished with rustup target add thumbv7em-none-eabihf
  • The probe-run tool, used for flashing and debugging the kernel
  • A version of the objcopy binutil, used for preparing MnemOS applications. You will need a version that supports Cortex-M4F applications. This can typically be obtained through one of the following ways:
    • The cargo-binutils package
    • The Arm GNU Toolchain, either from Arm's main website, or your system's package manager
    • A "multiarch" build of the GNU toolchain, typically provided by your system's package manager
  • An installation of git, or a tool that is compatible with git.

You'll also need to check out the source repository of the MnemOS project.

git clone

Practically Required Tools

The following tools are generally required, but are a bit more flexible in terms of the specific tool you use.

  • You will need a tool that allows you to use a TCP port as a terminal interface. On my Linux PC:
    • I use stty (to configure the terminal not to echo characters or buffer lines - this is probably installed on a typical linux system)
    • I use the ncat tool to provide the TCP-port to terminal adapter
    • I am unsure what tools will work on OSX/Windows, but I am happy to help you figure it out! Feel free to open an issue on the repo, or reach out to me via Twitter or Matrix.

Useful (But Not Required) Tools

Other tools I find helpful for development include:

  • Other parts of the Arm GNU toolchain, including:
    • [arm-none-eabi]-nm, for viewing compiled code component sizes and locations in memory
    • The Cargo Bloat tool, for similar information
    • [arm-none-eabi]-gdb, in case step-through debugging is necessary
  • A GDB Server, such as JLinkGDBServer or OpenOCD, for use with [arm-none-eabi]-gdb.